::San Juan Island, Washington::


Mama Bird


Mama Bird Farm is the hearts work of Mara and Lars who feel a deep sense of place. Both grew up on the San Juan Islands and are deeply connected to the land and ocean surrounding their home. 

The Northern Flicker is the Mama Bird Mascot, as it is a local bird that arrives in the Spring and visits again in the Fall, reminding us of the beginning and ending of our seasons. The flicker has exquisite pattered wings with bring orange and yellow feathers. The flicker is a Native American spirit animal that signifies the  protector of Women. 

Mama Bird felt like a good name for our farm as we believe in nurturing our Mother Earth, and protecting her land, soil, and doing so by using good farming practices, feeding our community and our family. Mama Bird is also one of Mara's nicknames..

Your Farmers


Lars and Mara started Mama Bird Farm in 2012; second generation farmers motivated by their love of land, growing food, and desire to move away from the industrial food system, towards a healthier sustainable farming practice. Lars a commercial fisherman and Mara a waitress by night, both worked hard, as they slowly grew their business, to afford equipment, fencing and seeds.

Mara Lawrence grew up on San Juan Island on Thirsty Goose Farm where her family started the tomato business. Raised springer heifers (baby cows), had a small organic orchard, ginseng, fruit and veggie farm. Here she grew her love for farm life, and after high school, traveled through Mexico, New Zealand and Australia working on farms and seeing the world. She later graduated from Western Washington University where she managed the University's small Farm.

In 2012 Mara and Lars moved back to the San Juans and started their small farm, leasing land from Thirsty Goose Farm and now own their own little plot of land near by. 

Mara is the heart and hands of Mama Bird.

Lars Johnson grew up on Lopez Island where his family grew organic wholesale garlic in a large scale for that time in the ag business. His family had reef nets, a traditional style of catching salmon in the Salish Sea. Lars commercially fishes in Bristol Bay Alaska during the summer, but helps keep the farm running in all ways.

Lars grew up close to the land, hunting, fishing, and growing his own food. He has traveled the world, loves to surf, snowboard, skate, and build things. 

He is an amazing cook and is the backbone "mechanic and fixer of all things" of Mama Bird Farm.

Food and Flowers


Mama Bird is a small ethically minded farm nested in the center of San Juan Island. 

We specialize in growing heirloom tomatoes that burst with real flavor and rich color. As well as a diverse and delicious baby greens mix including lettuces and mustards of rich greens and deep purples to satisfy your belly and decorate your plate. We also offer a variety of other veggies, cut flowers, and flower baskets.   We strive for growing and delivering the freshest produce we can, usually harvested and delivered all in the same day! 

All of our farming practices use healthy, sustainable and organic methods. We feed our soil, love our land and grow food that will nourish you!