::San Juan Island, Washington::

2020 Farm Crew Application

*Application deadline: Feb. 29th, 2020

Applicants will hear back from us in March!

Full Time: 40 hours per week 

Seasonal: June through end of October 

Schedule: Monday- Friday :: 2 Saturdays a month, Wednesdays will be free on the days you work the Saturday Market  

Mama Bird Farm is a 5 acre organic vegetable farm located on San Juan Island in Washington State.

We specialize in growing primarily heirloom tomatoes and baby greens, with a smaller focus on english cucumbers, mixed veggies and cut flowers. We are looking for a highly motivated, positive, detail oriented and strong team member. 

Ideal candidates can work hard physically inside a warm hoop house as well as outdoors in all weather, work alone or on a team, aware of surroundings and job details, work while they talk, and values a positive work environment. 


This position is a field crew/ post harvest washing/ packing/ delivery position.

  • Pruning/ harvesting tomatoes
  • Planting/ harvesting/ washing baby greens (cut with specialized cutter *Harvestar)
  • Field preparation/ transplanting/ harvesting cut flowers 
  • Irrigation, drip, over- head and spraying with organic spray (pyganic) 
  • Monitoring crops for weeds, harvest, proper irrigation 
  • Assist at weekend farmers markets (2 shifts per month)
  • Deliver produce to local restaurants and grocery stores
  • Drive and operate tractor
  • End of year clean up 


  • Ability to lift 30 pounds repeatedly
  • Valid Drivers Licence (transportation to get you to work)
  • Ability to take direction and stay on task
  • Work quickly and efficiently
  • Ability to work and talk at same time
  • Ability to recognize plant health and needs of the farm 
  • Attentive to the care of equipment and all life on the farm 
  • Detail oriented
  • Communication skills and ability to transfer information to others
  • Social skills/ kindness- while on delivery and farmers market
  • Team player


$15 an hour, as well as produce and flowers from the farm. $400 bonus at end of season

Employees who return for multiple seasons will receive an annual performance-based raise 

Work Schedule/ details:

  • Work starts at 8:00am to 5:00 pm with an unpaid 45 min to hour lunch break.
  • Show up ready to work, breakfast on your own time. 
  • Bring your own lunch and snacks
  • Hat, water bottle, sunscreen etc.
  • Clothes to get dirty in, clothes for all weather, clean clothes for washing and delivery
  • Timeliness. We ask that you are on time and ready to work by 8 am

No- thank you’s:

  • No dogs at work - don’t ask please
  • No drinking or drugs on job
  • No SMOKING- cigarettes cause disease problems for tomatoes ( you cannot smoke cigarettes at all if you apply for this job)

The Crew, Farm and Community: 

Mama Bird is managed by Mara and Lars, with 2-3 seasonal farm crew positions. Mara is expecting a baby in February this year, which will be a new fun addition to the farm. We are a family farm, with Mara’s parents and sister living close by. There are dogs, horses and a good movement of kind friends and family surrounding the work environment. San Juan Island is a beautiful place to live with a close community, tourist town in the summer, and gorgeous ocean and sea life surrounding. 


We don’t offer housing at this point, however can help set you up with finding a spot for the season. 

To Apply: 

Complete the Field Crew Application for Employment. Submit along with your resume and letter of recommendation to: 


Or mail to: 

Mama Bird Farm

404 Hoot and Howl Lane

Friday Harbor, WA, 98250

Field Crew Application for Employment Mama Bird Farm

Please send this application fully completed to the above web or mail address. Incomplete applications will not be accepted. Applications will be reviewed and responded to ASAP

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How old are you?____________________ 

Are you eligible to work in the United States?_____________________ 

1. Where did you hear about possible employment opportunities at Mama Bird Farm?

2. Why do you want to work at Mama Bird Farm and why do you think you would be a good fit? 

3. When could you start and how long are you looking for employment? 

4. How many hours per week do you want to work? 

Are there any days of the week you don’t want to work? 

5. Do you have any vacations planned? If so when?

6. What do you consider to be your biggest achievement so far? 

7. What education have you completed? 

8. Do you have experience doing repetitive tasks for long periods of time? If so, what was the job? How would you rank your efficiency when it comes to doing repetitive tasks? 1-5 (1 = low, 5 = high) 

9. How about working outside in extreme weather conditions (ie. Rain, Hot Greenhouse? 

10. Briefly describe any customer service experience you have. Do you enjoy customer service? 

11. What do you think will be the most challenging aspect of working at Mama Bird Farm? 

12. Do you have any health conditions, recurring injuries, recent accidents, etc. that would prevent you from doing strenuous physical labor? Please list all of them below. 

a) Can you repeatedly lift 50 lbs? 

b) Can you repeatedly bend over and stand up, without getting dizzy or straining yourself? 

c) Can you kneel for long periods of time? 

d) Can you stand in one place for long periods of time? 

13. Do you have reliable transportation and a current driver’s license? 

14. Are you willing to commit to the farm for the season?

15. Do you have a criminal record?

Please provide the following information for your three most recent employers: 

Business Name: 

Supervisor’s Name City, ST: 


Begin & End Dates: 

Job Title: 

Why Left: 

Business Name: 

Supervisor’s Name City, ST: 


Begin & End Dates: 

Job Title: Why Left: 

Business Name: 

Supervisor’s Name City, ST: 


Begin & End Dates: 

Job Title: 

Why Left: 

15. Please list contact info for three professional references: 

16. Please include additional information (skills, aptitudes, interests, hobbies etc.) that would be useful to know as we consider your potential employment. 

I attest that the information I have provided above is complete and true to the best of my knowledge.

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